Zaz And A Revival of French Music

French Music

Probably, she is one of the most famous French singers after Edith Piaf. Isabelle Geffroy, better known as Zaz, has conquered France and the rest of Europe with ger song “Je veux”. Her smoky voice, paired with an irrepressible zest for life and made her sound something between jazz and chanson, so it is impossible to resists and does not fall in love with such great music. Her path to the top was not an easy one but this young woman, who wanted to be a singer since her childhood, was fighting hard for her dream. Today, her concerts are sold out, and Zaz became a synonym for young and modern French music.

Cabaret, Street, Stage

Being just four years old, she was already declaring that one day she is going to be a famous singer for sure. Three years later, she took the first step. At the age of seven years old she won second place in a talent competition. A few years later, young Isabelle started her singing classes in Bordeaux at the Center d’Information et d’Activités Musicales. As good things are not coming easy, the years were passing in a musical treadmill. After her studies, Isabelle started to perform at Cabaret Les Trois Mailletz in Paris where she was singing five hours daily for a small fee and performing in streets of  Monmartre among other young and broke artists.

Cabaret, Street, Stage
Cabaret, Street, Stage

The decisive turning point of her musical career was waiting after another competition. In 2009, she surprisingly won the show Réservoir Generation at the Paris Olympia. The French singer Raphaël Haroche was impressed by her performance and decided to write three songs for her. A year later, Zaz recorded her debut album with the same name. The first album reached the number 1 position on the French charts and settled there for half a year. Europe was enthusiastic about the new French superstar and was impressed by her authenticity. In 2013, she released the second album “Recto Verso” where she sings and dances through the city of love. While recording this album, she was collaborating with such stars as Quincy Jones, Charles Aznavour, and Thomas Dutronc. Her famous predecessor Edit Piaf was honoured in two songs, and the French charm was created by accordion, violin, clarinet, and double bass.

Successful And Socially Committed Person

Even after reaching the peak of success, she has never forgotten where she came from, as a result, she was working for socially disadvantaged people. Zaz is a bundle of energy with a great mission. The French woman supports aid projects in Brazil with her foundation called Zazimut, as well as, she is a climate activist and a critic of capitalism. There is no surprise that Zaz is called a musical phenomenon from the province who totally conquered Paris. Her essential social attitude also flows into her texts. Although Zaz does not compose much herself, she is involved in the development process and takes great care that her songs would reflect her personality.