The Different Types of French Music – Part 1

French music has a great variety of types and styles, it has been influenced by many factors from all over the world including, Latin America, Africa, and Asia and through it all French musicians have created their own unique identity. French music has often been identified as Classical and of course French Chanson songs, but the modern music of France today has its own unique identity within the pop, hip-hop and more recently EDM scene. France has many musical festivals that highlight the popular music of the country and many tourists attend to really immerse themselves in the French scene.

History of French Music

The music of France dates to the 10th century and the Notre Dame School, that taught pupils the organum which was popular in Europe at the time. Today French musicians use the latest technology to produce their music although the traditional and classical music of France remains the same. Much of French music today is still as a folk style as it is loved throughout the country. France is very proud of its musical heritage, it is treated as part of their culture and they are fiercely protective about it.

French Classical Music

The definition of Classical music is any music that was composed between 1750 and 1830. Although in many people’s eyes this is absurd as Classical music as a style is still being written today. There is a sort of ridiculous sanity of the definition in that before 1750 Baroque music was prevalent and after 1830 it was the pre-Romantic movement. To most people they are also defined as Classical. Taking Classical music as meaning Classical style music then we can progress. The French classical style music is famous for its typical Gallic romance and beauty, and great composers such as, Machaut, Poulenc, Faure and Debussy composed some of the most wonderful music of their time that still is popular today.


French Hip-Hop Music

One of the favorite music genres of modern France must be hip-hop, why French youth have adopted this very American form of music is not quite clear, but they have embraced it fully. France became probably the most important hub of hip-hop outside America and was at the forefront of its development in Europe. A great deal of French hip-hop artists come from large deprived urban areas of the big cities in France, they felt a direct correlation with their American counterparts across the Atlantic. And just like their American cousins the artists wrote songs based on their lives such as the inequalities of life, racism, sexual discrimination etc. French hip-hop stars are legendary in France and have a large cult following. Some of the biggest hip-hop artists in France today are, AaRON, Alizee, and Salvatore Adamo.

We leave the inner-city areas of France for the time being and return in part two, where we discover other types of favorite French music that includes rock, folk and traditional. France is an amazing place for making and producing music, and it is a big part of French people’s everyday lives no matter in what form.