Famous French Musicians – Part 1

France has always been famous for romantic music both popular and classical, they have produced legendary emotional melodies and their composers, folk artists and cabarets evoke an emotion of a nation.

Perhaps the beautiful language brings out the passion in the music of France, but the fantastic artists that this wonderful country has produced is phenomenal. Serge Gainsbourg, Edith Piaf, and Alizee, have all topped music charts around the world during their times, but the list is far more expansive than that. In this blog we are going to look at a top ten list of French musicians, it must be said at this point that there is no order.

Julien Dore

Julien Dore is a highly talented French singer, songwriter, actor and a winner of the hit French TV show Nouvelle Star. His career started ten years ago in 2008 when his debut album hit the streets, Ersatz was loved by the public and the critics alike. Dore, a successful solo artist, is also a member of two bands, and plays both guitar and ukulele. A complete mix of influences is thrown around in his music, with genres coming from the rock, and folk worlds as well as some of the new French experimental artists.

Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel is an old favorite and somewhat of a superstar in his native France, surprisingly as he was born in Belgium, but his adopted home has always been France.  Brel composed most of his own music that was mainly theatrical but thoughtful songs, he is famous for always singing in French. Acknowledged throughout the world he is generally considered as a master of the modern day chanson. His influence on many modern-day artists extends to people such as Mark Almond and David Bowie. A host of world stars have sung English translations of his songs including, Nina Simone, Ray Charles and even the great Frank Sinatra.

Christine & The Queens

The stage name of Christine and The Queens is Heloise Letissier who is a highly rated singer and songwriter who comes from Nantes in France. She is famous for writing and performing a sort of eclectic melange of all different types of music. Nothing is barred from her repertoire as she uses every art form accessible, from performance, music, photography and drawings. Her talent is quite unbelievable and that is why she is so revered. She has lived and studied in various cultural hubs, such as London and Paris as well as studying in Lyon. It was London that inspired her to work with drag queens and drag queen musicians and although in the beginning they accompanied her sporadically now they are a fixed part of the act. She calls her own brand of music as freakpop and her second album Mac Abbey was critically acclaimed and won her the Decouverte du Printemps de Bourges, otherwise known as the Best Discovered Act.

In part two of Famous French Musicians we will once again delve into the vaults of French Music and produce some spectacular artists.