A Classical Music Festival to Raise Funds in France – The Musique Cordiale

There is a tiny sect of people around the world who love classical music these days. However, this might also be due to the low popularity in performing classical music other than by the symphony orchestras in different countries. France is a country that has brought a lot of innovative music and entertainment in the last few years. Their ability to wow audiences and bring things that the world has never heard of to the spotlight is impeccable. Their timing is also way ahead of what the rest of the world perceives as being relative, and it works well for the rest of the world to follow suit. If France can bring classical music to the forefront with festivals, the rest of the world will follow suit for sure, and this is precisely what the revolutionary country has done with the Musique Cordiale music festival for International Classical Music.

About The Revolutionary International Classic Music Fest

Back in 2005 in Provence, a music festival devoted to pure classical music was started by France. The entire music festival is a tribute to the international circuit of classical music and invites artists and patrons from all over the world for an excellent experience. Since the first time it started, the festival has become an annual event during the summertime of the year in France. The features of the festival are:

  • A full-fledged orchestra that is put together just for the festival. The members of the orchestra are both professional musicians from different orchestras of wold-class standards from around the world and Europe.
  • A choir is also a part of the festival that features singers from throughout Europe. Both professionals and semi-professionals are a part of the choir. They get together twice or thrice in a year, to just rehearse for the choir parts of the festival alone. There are different elements of music that are covered by the choir from acapella to massive masterpieces and even solo performances that take up the final two concerts in the entire festival. Talented, upcoming musicians who are hand-picked are also chosen to perform at the festival.
  • Different genres of music from Jazz, folk and even a little bit of rock is covered at the festival and all in the classical music front. Smaller ensembles are also encouraged to be.a part of the festival. Youngsters and kids between the ages of 13 to 20 years are brought in to the international festival to perform for the audiences. These youngsters and kids are handpicked from the well-known internationally acclaimed artists from around Europe.
  • Both free and paid concerts are part of the festival with over 140 musicians who come together to perform. The number of conductors is usually between two or three along with over a dozen solo singers and performers.

There are a lot of volunteers who come forward to help in promoting and to be of general help at the concert venue. Work for the entire festival is carried out throughout the year. The best part of the festival and the highlight is that every year, the proceeds from the festival go toward charities and young musical talent in France. The Musique Cordiale Trust has been set up just to ensure that all the funds reach the right organisations too.